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Don't know if this is allowed...

First, this is a great idea! Congratulations! 

Secondly, I have started a comm, helpmesaythis, which basically takes your idea and expands it. It's a comm where anyone can post a phrase or expressions, and hopefully the members will try and render it in as many languages as possible.

Feel free to delete if you don't want other people posting here. But I would love some of the guys here who have helped so much to join my comm. Thank you.
Mucho big thanks to everyone assisting with the Poison Hair Project! Things are coming along wonderfully! I need to compile a new list of translations, as many more have some in since I last did, but I do not have time right now--and possibly not during the very full upcoming weekend. But, Monday, if I've not done it yet, I shall!

Fifteen So Far - Only Ten to Go!

Thank to the amazing and lovely people of lj, I have fifteen translations of the twenty-five I am aiming for!

Translations So Far
(I'll write up desc or make video at some point)

Brazilian Portugese
Não toque em mim! Meu cabelo está venenoso!

"Raak me niet aan! Mijn haar is giftig!"

Finnish (two versions)
älä koske minua! hiukseni on myrkyllinen!
Okay, here is some very rough guidance how to say the sentence in Finnish...
As examples I've used English words and wnb-words, and a little bit of French, since you're studying it. Now just pronounce the examples as you would in English/French. Hope it helps! :)

Don't touch me! (English)
Älä koske minuun! (Finnish)
À la cause que me noon (how to pronounce it)
[Both A's with dots are pronounced as the 'A' in the word 'cAt', for example]

My hair is poisonous! (English)
Hiukseni ovat myrkylliset! (Finnish)
Hugh xen-ee Oh what mew-r-kew Liz said (how to pronounce it)
[Finnish has the same kind of 'rolling r' as in Spanish]

"Ne me touchez pas! Mes cheveux sont toxique!"

Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)
Ná leag lámh orm! Tá mo chuid gruaige nimhiúil!

(/na: l'ag la:v or@m/ /ta: m@ xid' gru@g'@ n'iv'u:l'/)

/a/ = bat /a:/ = far /@/ = about /i/ = sit
/o/ = son /u/ = book /u:/ = who /x/ = German
Bach /l'/ = /ly/ (as in live) /d'/ = /dy/ (no English
example) /g'/ = /gy/ (as in gay or egg) /n'/ =
canyon /v'/ = /vy/ (as in very)

Informal: "Fass mich nicht an! Meine Haare sind giftig!" Formal: "Fassen sie mich nicht an! Meine Haare sind giftig!"

ne érints! a hajam mérges!

"kami no ke ni doku ga aru kara, sawaranaide!" is probably the most natural sounding thing if you are to scream it aloud, but it is more just "(my) hair is poisonous, don't touch!"

If you have to be explicit about emphasizing "me," (to be absolutely sure it's not only the hair, don't touch me) you can add "watashi ni" like:

"kami no ke ni doku ga kara, watashi ni sawaranaide!"

Works for either sex. If you're a boy, you can say boku ni, instead of watasi ni, so

"kami no ke ni doku ga aru kara, boku ni sawaranaide!"

"Nepieskaries man! Mani mati ir indīgi."

Nepieskaries' is sing., 'nepieskarieties' is both plural
and a polite way of addressing someone.

"Ikke rør meg! Håret mitt er giftig!"

nie dotykaj mnie! moje włosy są trujące!

Nu m-atingeţi! Părul meu este toxic!

Не прикасайтесь ко мне! Мои волосы ядовиты!

Formal: ¡No me toque! ¡Mi pelo es venenoso! Informal: ¡No me toques! ¡Mi pelo es venenoso!

Dokunma bana! Saçım zehirli! (All "o"s as in "official", "a"s as in "mar", ı with no dot sounds sort of like the last vowel in "council", "e"s as in "bent," and "i"s as in "drill". "ç" is "ch" as in "chart". Syllables: Do-kun-ma ba-na! Sa-çım ze-hir-li!)
...responses are coming in fast and furious already.

As of right now, I have the following languages covered and need to get to work on committing to memory:


And the original two:

That brings me up to twelve prepped and ready to learn. Only 13 more!

Today, the internet is full of Linguistic Rockstars!

I'll compile the ones I have so far shortly...

Two down and twenty-three to go!

English does not count, as it is my native language and I did not have to go out of my way to learn how to say the phrase in it.

- French : "Ne me touchez-pas! Mes cheveux sont toxique!"
- ASL (American Sign Language): You'll just have to trust me on this one for now, or ask coyote_mama who taught it to me. I'll try to post a video later when I can.

So, that is two. It's a start!
In the summer of 2001 I traveled to Europe. On the train from Italy to France, I was brushing up on basic French phrases with the aid of a more-fluent friend and a French-English dictionary. I also had a 24-hour flu and a pretty crazy fever.

For some reason, utterly unbeknownst to me now, I decided I simply *had* to learn how to say "Don't touch me! My hair is poisonous!" So, I did.

Later, after returning to North America, a friend taught me how to say it in ASL (American Sign Language). Ever since I have pondered learning it other languages, as well. My goal is to memorize it in at least 25.

This journal is to for people to post to things like translations and, with any luck, sound files of pronunciations.