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myhairispoison's Journal

Don't Touch Me! My Hair is Poisonous!
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In the summer of 2001 I traveled to Europe. On the train from Italy to France, I was brushing up on basic French phrases with the aid of a more-fluent friend and a French-English dictionary. I also had a 24-hour flu and a pretty crazy fever.

For some reason, utterly unbeknownst to me now, I decided I simply *had* to learn how to say "Don't touch me! My hair is poisonous!" So, I did.

Later, after returning to North America, a friend taught me how to say it in ASL (American Sign Language). Ever since I have pondered learning it other languages, as well. My goal is to memorize it in at least 25.

This journal is for people to post things like translations or corrections or, with any luck, sound files of pronunciations.

Edited to add: an off-lj blog has been created for this, as well, to reach outside of the lj community for assistance. It is here: http://myhairispoison.blogspot.com/